Akchara Shriram: Rated it 5 stars


I opened this book already knowing that it would be amazing and i have to say, this book took my level of amazing to a whole new level. When people usually say that a particular novel was heart-felt and beautiful, i would almost always find faults in it. but this beautiful writer, mahn, she broke me. this is one of the most beautiful and raw books i’ve ever read! 
this book made me laugh. it made me go all ‘Ah-hah! i totes know that brand of weird.’ It made me ache. i ached so bad. Looking at the characters feelings and thoughts got me thinking from a whole new perspective.
this novel seriously pulled at my heartstrings. 
I do not want to give any spoilers here because i dont want to ruin anyone’s experience when you read it. but i’ll let you in on a secret- this novel will tear you apart (in a good way,obviously). 

P.S. I like sunflowers, got me completely obsessed with sunflowers!

Dove: Rated it 4 stars

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to the author for sending me this wonderful book! What an interesting and poignant read! I really enjoyed this book because I related to the main character very much. I felt like I was the main character, and the book was written about me. This girl basically is a complainer who complains about everything and hasn’t really grown up yet, because she lives in this metaphorical bubble. Everyone calls her hopeless because she has no sense of ambition. However, when she begins working at this mental asylum, it all changes. She sees another side to humankind that she was previously unaware of. She begins to understand the true meaning of life- as well as the depth of life. She gets to experience the large variety of mental disorders that exist, and see how it affects people. She gets attached to people, begins talking to them, and learning their stories. She learns that it’s okay not to be okay, and that it’s okay to ask for help. It’s a very insightful and enlightening read. I felt like it was slow at some parts which made me lose focus, but overall it was a very interesting concept. I felt like the book was going in one direction, and it really changed on me, and I enjoyed the twist. It’s like a self help book encoded within a fictional story. An interesting style of writing.

Ada Wallace: Rated it 5 stars

I got this book in a review exchange and all I can say is that I am so glad I did. Sometimes you need a book that just hits you in the “feels”. It reaches into the human spirit. It shows you how people don’t have to fit in just to be “human” or be perfect because no one is. I really like how the main character is far from the norm and grows in such a way that it’s like reading a letter from a friend. By the end my emotions took over. What an amazing human story. A must read.

Charisma: Rated it 5 stars

“There’s nothing wrong with having a little faith in something the world doesn’t understand yet.”

It is one of the most moving books I have read in a long time. I really enjoyed this, especially the last 1/3 of the book! It had a unique premise and a great main character.

Overall, I thought this was a fantastic debut novel! Funny and sad all at once! Definitely recommended, especially if you like a cute, unique story.

Manisha Avinash: Rated it 5 stars

I Like Sunflowers is a poignant and thought-provoking novel that may have you reaching for a tissue box or two. 
While it isn’t my typical choice of Saturday night reading, I found myself immersed in the pages. The book invokes imagery like stormy beaches, hot chocolate, knitted sweaters, winter sunshine, cloudy afternoons and muddy shoes. 
There were things I wasn’t too thrilled about- the heroine, Jordan’s immaturity and inconsistency, and the lack of depth of other characters. But I couldn’t bring myself to be annoyed by any of it. It was not the shortest of books, but I was never bored. 
The book was easy to read, flowing and chock-full of internal monologue that makes you feel. As an advocate fighting mental health stigma, I connected deeply.
When I turned the pages of that pivotal moment in the story (You’ll see what I mean), I knew something had changed inside me. 
All things considered, that’s the best thing a book can do to you.

Spoorthy Murthy: Rated it 5 stars

On the scale of 1-10 I’ll give this an infinity. There are some stories that make you feel and think. This one’s all about that. This one has put out everything I’d been feeling into words and I felt like damn I get this, someone else gets me too! It makes you feel so much and makes you numb. It is so overwhelming and everything that’s good. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and youll go like man this shiz is real! It’s crazy how the writer makes us go on a merry-go-round, the ups and downs and the stereotype of the need to stand out all the damn time. The author has so much to offer to us through this.

Almandyne. Can’t thank you enough for writing this story, thank you for existing. I don’t know why, but thank you.

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