Answer My (Weird) Questions

Why? ‘Cause I’m bored.
And I’m sure you are too.

This is how it works –

~ Click on the question you like.
~ Leave your answers in the comment section there.
~ In case you’re wondering what my answer would be, that’s the first thing you’d see once you click the question.

Peace out.

My (Weird) Questions

  1. What’s Your Favourite Planet?
  2. Do You Have a Name for Your Hypothetical Future Pet?
  3. Are You Desperately Looking for a Life?
  4. What Makes You Happy?
  5. What Do You Wanna be When You Grow up?
  6. What’s Your Spirit Animal?
  7. What’s the Rarest Bird You’ve ever Seen?
  8. What Makes you Cry?
  9. What’s the One Place on Earth You Want to Visit Before you Die?
  10. What’s Your Favorite Taylor Swift Song?

11 thoughts on “Answer My (Weird) Questions

  1. I do have a name for my hypothetical future pet – which is going to be both a dog and cat. The dog I’ll name ‘Son of A Bitch!’, and the cat I’ll name – ‘Schrodinger’.

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  2. 1. Venus
    2. Albert
    3. desperately seeking Ana
    4. writing poetry
    5. A bestseller writer
    6. Blackbird
    7. A green parrot in freedom
    8. The human disaster
    All the best to you
    with love,

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  3. Whenever you will come to Vienna, I would like to take you around the city.

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    1. That’s really sweet. Thank you.


  4. hearmorefromgod July 20, 2018 — 5:54 am

    Such an interesting website! Glad I came for a visit and perused some of your writings. Thank you!
    And Welcome to DailyBiblePrayer ! Thank you so much for following !! I’m excited about sharing prayers. Be sure to click on the scriptures at the bottom to read and see what God will share with you personally!

    May God bless you with encouragement, direction and protection as you grow in your relationship with Him through the scriptures and spending time in prayer!


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  5. 1. Saturn
    2. It’s an Englisg Bull dog named Max
    3. Desperately seeking happiness
    4. All the things that are β€œbad” for me
    5. A good Christian
    6. A male cardinal
    7. Toucan
    8. Losing my mom to death recently

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  6. 8. Injustice, what we as humans are doing to the planet–polluting the water and air and poverty.
    Thanks for the follow!

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  7. venus
    have one
    not going to grow up

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    1. “not going to grow up” xD πŸ‘Œβ€


  8. 1 . Endhivar (that’s a fictional world used in my sci-fi romance, Blue Vision)
    2. Dazzo
    3. Sort of. I’m always looking for something more exciting than what I have.
    4. Good food, and spending time with the people I love.
    5. More content
    6. White Tiger
    7. I’ve only seen a true red Cardinal a couple times in my life.
    8. Anything emotionally moving…other people finding happiness. Seeing someone in pain makes me cry too.
    9. Ireland

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